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How to Stay Safe from COVID-19 While Selling a House? 16 Sep, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has upended people’s lives in untold ways. With businesses going on a halt, though temporarily, people are bound to stay indoors. The novel coronavirus has transformed the real estate sector and also the selling and buying of homes. Well, this virus has changed the industry but has not destroyed it. Now the question is, can I sell my house in Houston, or can I find someone who will buy my house in Houston at the time of this pandemic? Well, the answer is yes. Though the fears of this virus have hit the property market across the world, due to technological advances, people are equipped with different resources that are helping home sellers and buyers through this pandemic. 

Tips to Stay Safe from COVID-19 While Selling Your Home

  • Maintaining Hygiene in In-Person Meetings – If a seller hosts an open house, he/she should ensure they keep hand sanitizers or disinfectants at the door for reducing the risk to spread or contract the novel coronavirus.They should also discuss cleaning with the seller after the event. The seller is likely to ask the client to pre-screen visitors to ensure they do not have any recent travel history. It is wise to check with the qualifying broker regarding policies that clients need to adhere to.
  • Digital Tools
    1. Video Tours – During this pandemic, some sellers are indeed reluctant when it comes to permitting open house events; thus, restricting their exposure to COVID-19. They are taking the help of video tours to sell property. They offer open house flyers and online ads on websitesthat can be easily shared on Facebook.
    2. Hybrid-closing – Today, many sellers offer hybrid closing platforms that enable buyers to preview as well as e-sign documents before the closing appointment, thus allowing them to step in and out quickly than he/she normally would.

Following the pandemic, the buyer traffic has experienced a dip, which means only serious buyers are coming in. Owing to all the provisions that are put in place, most prospective home buyers have put a hold on their search for homes. In short, if clients continue to invest in property during this outbreak, it can be safely assumed that they are undoubtedly serious about this.

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